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christian millionaires

Dating tips for Christian Millionaires

Are you millionaire or rich singles looking for your soulmate? Are you worried about that someone will only want you to pay their bills? If so, Please check following 5 tips for avoiding gold diggers.

1. Pay attention on profiles that mention a like of being "taken care of", translation: I want someone to pay for everything.

2. Don't dating individuals without a stable job. Unless you want to be the sole provider permanently.

3. The people who don't have professional job but have all the luxuries of a multiple-millionaire is getting those nice things somewhere. Probably from the rich ex or parents. Stay away!

4. If you don't have much money, don't pretend to be rich guy. Do you really want to waste your time and money you have on a gold digger?

5. Not all "sugar daddy's girls" and "sugar mommy's boys" are gold diggers. But you are advised to look more into it.

6. There truly are leagues in the dating world. Play in your league or close to it.


Dating tips for singles who interested in dating millionaires

The most important thing is, before you decide to date a millionaire, you must make sure that you accepting the fact he/she is in control of the wallet. And also if you are just dating the person for money. it's not going to work. You will never be happy. You are just being unfair to yourself and the other person.

If you are dating the wealthy singles, BE YOURSELF! BE CONFIDENT! Don't change yourself just because she/he has money.

Don't bring up any financial issues. Don't ask your date the earnings. You will look like a gold digger if you do so. You will seem to be more interested on what your date has to offer rather than knowing the person and knowing if you are compatible with each other.


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